Embrace the Beauty of the Seven Seas

Start with a fish tank installation in Orlando, FL

There are few things more entrancing than colorful fish and exotic aquatic plants. You can bring home the natural wonder of the ocean with a fish tank. Reefs and Rainforests offers professional aquarium setup in Orlando, Florida. Our team installs tanks, custom stands and custom cabinets efficiently and without leaving behind a massive mess. Plus, we customize each fish tank installation to your needs and preferences.

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Your tank installation will go swimmingly

Your tank installation will go swimmingly

Not all aquariums are the same. Maybe you prefer fresh water fish or tanks that include vegetation. You can call on our team for a professional aquarium setup of any kind. We install:

  • Reef tanks
  • Salt water tanks
  • Fresh water tanks
  • Vivarium tanks
  • Planted tanks
  • Ponds

Add some vitality to your home or business with a professional fish tank installation in Orlando, Florida. Meet with the team at Reefs and Rainforests today to get started.