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Many people are fascinated by the ocean and its endlessly fascinating creatures. You can explore the ocean depths without gearing up in a scuba suit. Reefs and Rainforests can install a custom saltwater fish tank in your Orlando, Florida home or business. We have years of experience working with both home and commercial tanks of all sizes.

Your tank will come complete with the highest quality pre-conditioned water. We'll test your water for the appropriate pH levels and use our extensive experience to create a healthy environment for your new fish friends. Schedule a saltwater tank installation from Reefs and Rainforests in Orlando, Florida today.

6 fish species for saltwater tanks

6 fish species for saltwater tanks

Whenever you adopt a new pet, you want to research the species first. You wouldn’t want to buy a fish that wouldn’t thrive in your aquarium. Here’s a list of colorful species that are ideal for a saltwater fish tank:

  • Tangs
  • Damselfish
  • Clownfish
  • Longnose Hawkfish
  • Coral Beauties
  • Dottybacks

Not sure which fish are right for your saltwater tank? Let our knowledgeable staff help you. Call 407-375-8600 now to find out more.